About Us

Marc Lamphere

Marc Lamphere - construction supervisor

Being a cheerful stickler for honest western quality, Moe leads our construction crew through any kind of difficult situation. A longtime community servant as a devoted volunteer wildland firefighter, Moe responds to fire calls throughout the west, teaches fire classes wherever needed, and serves with his local VFD.

Cindy Reed

Cindy Reed - owner

Cindy learned to drive a tractor before she learned to drive a car. Now, running this business from a one-person office handling the varied responsibilities from accounting, payroll & bidding, to hiring, purchasing & billing, has honed her organizational skills to a fine point. A life-long lover of the outdoors, she founded and continues to volunteer with the Great Plains Native Plant Society. Fencing must be hereditary; her great-grandfather was contracted by the US Government before 1900 to build 80 miles of fence along the west side of the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation. Her ranching family has been building fence ever since then, and one of her brothers has a fence business in Utah.